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BMD 2" Tactical Dog Collar


Introducing the Bad MoFo 2" Tactical Dog Collar - Unleash the Power of Superior Strength and Unrivaled Reliability!

Size: 22" - 30"

When it comes to equipping your canine companion with the best, the Bad MoFo 2" Tactical Dog Collar stands tall as the ultimate choice. Engineered to meet the demands of both large dogs and intense training sessions, this collar is a testament to strength and durability.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Strength: The Bad MoFo 2" Tactical Dog Collar is designed to excel in the face of any challenge. Whether it's rigorous training or adventurous outings, this collar is your dog's trusty companion.

  2. Generous Width: Featuring a substantial 2" width, this collar is perfect for agitation work and accommodating large dogs. It evenly distributes pressure for your dog's comfort and security.

  3. Strategic V-Ring: The leash connection point boasts a heavy-duty rigger's V-ring. Placed away from your dog's sensitive trachea, it ensures safe and comfortable walks and activities.

  4. Military-Grade Build: We believe in using only the finest materials in crafting our products. The Bad MoFo Tactical Dog Collar is meticulously constructed with 17337 military-grade nylon webbing and heavy-duty bonded thread, renowned for their exceptional durability.

  5. Reinforced Metal Buckle: The metal buckle guarantees a secure fit and adds an extra layer of resilience to the collar. Say farewell to flimsy plastic closures that just won't hold up.

The Bad MoFo 2" Tactical Dog Collar is engineered to tackle any situation, making it the ultimate choice for dog owners who demand excellence. Whether you're a professional trainer seeking peak performance or simply want a dependable collar for your large dog, this collar delivers.

Never compromise on your beloved pet's safety and comfort. Elevate your dog's gear with the Bad MoFo 2" Tactical Dog Collar - where unrivaled strength, unmatched reliability, and uncompromising style converge. Order today and experience the pinnacle of canine collar excellence!